The world in 2023 - energy crisis, pandemic, galloping inflation, climate change, the threat of war - a scenario that no one could really imagine just a few years ago. And yet it is our reality, one that many people find difficult to deal with because the full economic and social impact is not yet even foreseeable.

At a time like this, it is important to take initiative, join forces, and find solutions together. Exactly for this purpose the ABC Ad Bonum Civium Cooperative (in the following ABC) is created by humans from all continents.

The ABC is a global consumer cooperative, which made it its duty to provide economic advantages for all members through the common purchase of goods and services and to support enterprises at the same time, which develop technologies, procedures, and products, which contribute to the solution of the current problems of mankind.

The ABC cooperative is politically and denominationally neutral and advocates respectful treatment of all people regardless of position, gender, and origin. The primary goal of ABC is to improve the economic and social situation of all members.

For me. For the community. For the environment.

Finally, there is something we can do!


At this stage, we are looking for Founding Members from all around the world - like-minded people who would like to support the idea of making a change for all mankind and at the same time, benefiting ourselves and our families.

There is not much to do right now: if you like our idea and you want to join the movement, simply sign up as a founding member and decide how many Cooperative Shares you would like to own. The funds are used to pay for national registrations, starting in Europe and later around the world. After registration, funds will be used solely for purposes as described in the statutes:

❝The purpose of the Cooperative is to enable members to improve their own standard of living in health, economic, financial, social and cultural terms, and at the same time to contribute to the protection and promotion of the environment, nature, health and satisfaction of the general public.❞

Please have in mind that buying Cooperative Shares is not a financial investment for $$$ profits, but for benefits as a member, e.g. discounts, vouchers, and exclusive offers on products and services that are good for your health and your environment. The more shares you own, the bigger your benefits will be. You can sell some or all your shares at a later time at the Digital Exchange Center.

You can make your payment by credit/debit card, PayPal, or YEM (Your Everyday Money).

ad bonum civium [latin] - for the benefit of the citizens

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